Using Ansible 2.9 Resource Modules

Red Hat recently updated Ansible to version 2.9, and with it comes a number of exciting new features for enthusiasts of network automation. One such update is an enhancement to the way that Ansible retrieves and normalises facts for network devices, and allows you to idempotently pass those values back... [Read More]

Ansible 2.5 and network_cli

Red Hat recently released version 2.5 of Ansible Core, and with it comes a significant change to the connection method for Network devices, by way of the network_cli connection type. Up until now, Ansible playbooks used for managing Network devices utilised the connection type local, which required the creation of... [Read More]


There are so many things that I love about OSX. I love the stability, I love Exposé, I love the font rendering, I love the pretty UI, and I love that there’s some *nix (NetBSD) under the hood. I can run SSH from my terminal window, I can grep, and... [Read More]