I’m Robert. I’m a technologist, and a lifelong learner. Share my journey.

This site is where I share the successes, failures, and collected experiences across a broad range of topics I’m interested in, including: Cloud, Automation, Development, Networking, and Architecture.

At Work

Throughout the working day, I exist at the intersection between Business and Technology, helping bridge the gap between strategy and execution. The business landscape is morphing rapidly, and organizations must adapt at an ever increasing pace. Strong leadership is a force multiplier, empowering people to add value in explosive new ways. This is what I bring.

I’m constantly thinking about technology and transformation. If you are too, follow me on Twitter!

While my career started out focussed on Networking, as an Enterprise Architect I work with a wide range of teams across the organization, up and down the elevator, such as: Executives, Developers, Data Scientists, and Engineers. I believe the most effective leaders do not forgo their understanding technology in favour of understanding of business; therefore, this site is an opportunity to document the learnings of someone attempting to embrace both hemispheres.

At Home

On my own time, I’m:

  • The Co-Founder and CTO of a SaaS company
  • A lifelong hacker. It’s dating me, but the first computer I ever used was a BBC Micro
    • Over the years I’ve written in languages like BASIC, C++, Java, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and Python
  • A photographer
  • An INFJ
  • A lover of Football (⚽️) and Rugby League (🏉)
  • A man with too many hobbies, and not enough time

Get In Touch

The easiest way to contact me is via Twitter, so please feel free to reach out!