Getting Started With VS Code Remote Containers

Creating development environments in VS Code

One of the beautiful things about leveraging containers within the context of development is that containers abstract away the dependencies from the host system, and allow you to manage those dependency versions right alongside the code itself. This abstraction has many benefits, for example, it allows you to simultaneously maintain... [Read More]

Reading List - 2019

As a bit of a fervent reader, I try to set a goal each year for the number of books I’d like to read. For the past 5 or 6 years the types of books that made up my reading lists were selected with the intention of expanding my technical... [Read More]
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Using Ansible 2.9 Resource Modules

Red Hat recently updated Ansible to version 2.9, and with it comes a number of exciting new features for enthusiasts of network automation. One such update is an enhancement to the way that Ansible retrieves and normalises facts for network devices, and allows you to idempotently pass those values back... [Read More]

Design Inputs: #1 - Requirements

This might be the first post in a series discussing four key inputs into a solution design: the Requirements, Assumptions, Risks, and Constraints. During the series we’ll look at each of these inputs, their purpose, and some examples as it pertains to Infrastructure design. When initially defining a project or... [Read More]
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